Cornelius Sketch (Deceased)

Grizzled and rough around the edges, middle-aged Sheriff


Cornelius and his brother (Stephan) have been Law men their entire lives Cornelius looks after the folks in the Batte la Rose area of the swamplands in Cajun country, LA. He has been overseeing this small community for 30 years and is extremely protective, more so as the local population has become fearful as of late.

The town of Batte la Rose, LA was the recent victim of a snake oil salesman passing himself off as a preacher. The town turned to him in its moment of need, the local have become a fearful bunch, unfortunately the charlatan took the town for what he could even the religious relics he “needed” to establish a viable church while his “sermons” caused more panic and fear than they resolved he threatened excommunication to all those in town that would not attend and give to the church. When it came to light (a wanted poster arrived from Calcasieu Parish) after he bilked the locals into buying his genuine cure to remove a rash that was afflicting the parish, later found to be caused by a small powder blown by a fan from his miracle wagon into the churches congregation room. It took Cornelius and his deputies some fortnight to get the “preacher” to surrender to the law. Eventually only getting him to release his hold on the church building by burning it to the ground a necessary albeit costly decision that still plagues his mind.

Cornelius Sketch (Deceased)

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