J. T. "Young Jake" Callahan, aka 'Tex'

A cowpoke with no sense what got mixed up with the Texas Rangers


Name: “Tex” – J.T.M. Callahan1
Occupation: Texas Ranger (Lieutenant)

3d10 – Cognition
Arts: Any
1 Ritual (Paint) 1d10
2 Scrutinize 2d10
2 Search 2d10
4 Trackin’ 4d10
4d10 – Deftness
1 Bow 1d10
Shootin’: Any Other
2 Shootin’: Pistol 2d10
4 Shootin’: Rifle 4d10+1
Sleight o’ Hand
Speed Load
2 Throwin’: Balanced 2d10
1 Throwin’: Unbalanced 1d10
4d8 – Knowledge
Academia: Any Other
2 Aca: Criminal Law 2d8
3 Aca: Occult 3d8
1 AK: 4CT – Arizona 1d8+2
AK: Any Other
2 AK: Cheyenne Terr. 2d8
1 AK: Four Corners Terr. 1d8
2 AK: Nolan County, TX 2d8
Disguise Any Other
2 L: Algonkian Cheyanne 3d8
L: Any Other
3 L: English (Texan) 3d8
1 L: Indian Sign 1d8
2 L: Spanish (Messkin) 2d8
Mad Science N/A
Medicine: Any Other
2 Medicine: Veterinary 2d8+2
Professional: Any
Science: Any
Trade: Any Other
1 Trade: Gunsmithin’ 1d8
3d10 – Mein
4 Animal Wranglin’: Hoss 4d10+2
1 Leadership 1d10
2 Overawe vs. Guts 2d10
Performin’: Any
3 Tale Tellin’ 3d10
4d10 – Nimbleness
2 Climbin’ 2d10
2 Dodge 2d10
Drivin’: Any
Fightin’: Any Other 4d10-2
4 Fightin’: Brawlin’ 4d10
3 Hoss Ridin’ 3d10+2
Ridin’: Any
3 Sneak 3d10
2 Swimmin’ 2d10
2 Teamster 2d10
4d8 – Quickness
Quick Draw: Any Other 2d8
2 Quick Draw: Rifle 2d8+2
3d8 – Smarts
Bluff vs. Scrutinize
2 Gamblin’ 4d8
1 Ridicule vs. Ridicule 1d8
2 Scroungin’ 2d8
3 Streetwise 3d8
Survival: Any Other
2 Survival: Plains 2d8
4d12 – Spirit
2 Faith [Bear] 2d12
3 Guts 3d12+8
4d8 – Strength
4d12 – Vigor

Grit: 6
Ol’ Doc Sawyer
Bear Winter
Soul Drinker
First Scroll
Mystery of the Lost Tribe
Relic Bonus


Name: Callahan, Jacob Thomas Mitchell
Height: 6’ 4" Weight: 165 lb.
Home County: Nolan
Present Assignment: Louisiana, on loan to the CSA for a Mississippi River Task Force

Plenty of folks get called ‘cowpoke’ in a familiar way, but Callahan actually served as one on the Chisolm Trail back in ‘63. Promised a horse of his own as payment, Jake turned the profits from his last oxen drive over to the care of Western Union, and struck out on his own in accepting a job from the representatives of Hellstrome Industries. For a man of his endurance, the job struck him as simple – just ride in an auto-engine from point ’A’ to point ‘B’, and fill out a questionnaire as to his impressions of the ride at the end. For once, the brigade owes that merchant of death a debt, because it was this job that led Callahan indirectly to our service.

The man’s travels with a rag-tag band of misfits he met along the road included more than a half-dozen encounters with the unnatural. When he found a deceased member of the brigade, Callahan took it upon himself to attend to the remains and return the man’s gear to us. After a brief evaluation period, the cowpoke took the oath, and was dispateched with a senior agent to the field. Despite his previous experience, the standard shakedown tour of lower priority cases was assigned, but that didn’t stop the unnatural from finding Callahan, anyhow. [See Incident Report UYAH-w12e]

Callahan has since comported himself with honor and distinguished himself with a level head and steady aim. If one were looking to find fault with the man, it would be that he is perhaps too comfortable with the unnatural, and it could be said that he is dangerously deep in ‘recruit’ camp territory. Smart, tough, dedicated, and driven, Callahan will go far in this orginization should he steer clear of trouble’s grip.

J. T. "Young Jake" Callahan, aka 'Tex'

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