5'10", Long black hair, darked skinned and scrawny


Name: Bisahalone (orator) Kyle

Cognition: 3d10 Arts: Recorder (1), Searching (1)
Knowledge: 3d12 Indian Sign (
2), Tribal Customs (1+2)
Athabaskan (Native) (2+1), Apache, Navajo, Hupa, Haida, Tsimshian, Wakashan, Salishan, Klamath,
Group (Apache, Crow, Navajo, Paiute, Pawnee, Shoshoni, Yaqui, Zuni Pueblo)
Algonkian (2), Blackfoot, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Cree, Cherokee
Shoshonean (
2) Shoshoni, Comanche, Ute, Hopi, Kiowa, Paiutem, Yaqui, English (1), Spanish (1)

Mien: 1d12 Performing (Sing) (1)
Smarts: 1d4
Spirit: 4d12 Faith (
5), Guts (1)
Deftness: 4d6 Bow (
2), Thrown (2)
Nimbleness: 3d10 Fightn’ Knife (
1), Fightin’ War Club (1), Horse Riding (2), Swimming (+1)
Strength: 2d8
Quickness: 2d10
Vigor: 2d8

Pace: 10 meters
Size: 6
Wind: 20
Skills: 26

Tribal Role: Medicine Man
Edges: Arcane Background: Shaman (3), Belongings (4), Guardian Spirit: Bear (+5)
Indian Hindrances: Old Ways Vow (3), Scrawny (5) Enemy (1)
Indian Knacks:

Fetish: Bear token
Minor Fetish: Pipe
Minor Fetish: Bear Necklace
Major Fetish: War Club

Horse ($150) Buckskin Shirt ($3)
Horse Blanket ($2) Buckskin Pants ($3)
Saddle Bags ($5) Mocassins ($2)
½ pint Castor Oil (4) ($1) Blanket ($2)
Soap (2) ($.50) Recorder ($10)
Tobacco (4) ($2) Tomahawk Stone ($2) (STR +2d8)
Peyote, 6 buttons ($5) Bow ($3)
Saddle Bag (5) Pipe ($2)
Trail Ration’s (21) ($10.50) Knife Iron ($3) (STR +1d4)
Quiver (1) ($3) Lariat (2) ($1.50)
Arrows 10 ($1) (STR +1d6) Canteen (1) ($1)
Quiver (1) ($3) Confederate $20
Arrows 10 ($1) (STR +1d6) Hard Currency $100
Salt 5 lb. ($2)
Lariat (1) ($1.50)
Canteen (2) ($2)
Spear ($3) (STR +1d6)
Chips: White (2), Red (1), Blue (0), Legend (0)


Bisahalone (Kyle) is a Medicine Man healer. Born into the Kinłitsonii (Yellow House People) of the Tsé Naajiin (Cliff Dwelling Clan) from Cazebon Peak. In the northwestern part of New Mexico. His clan had traveled around some before settling here. His childhood was a happy one, his tribe has not had much contact with the Bilagáana (Anglos). They got along well with their neighbors the Apache and Zuni Pueblo, having helped them out in the past when they were having problems.

His guardian spirit (Bear) had made his presence known early on in his life marking him as one of his healers. Bisahalone took to the healers arts quickly, learning about herbs and their uses, along with ways to mend the body and spirit. He has a way with languages and has learned the languages of many different tribes. He is on a quest to learn about the Bilagáana to figure out how this will effect the tribe.

Speaker to Earth


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