P. G. T. Beauregard

A Louisiana-born American military officer, politician, inventor, writer, civil servant, and the first prominent general of the CSA during the War.


That’s Marshal territory, my dear reader.


A veteran of fourteen military victories in major engagements to date, the "Little Napoleon " owns a home and plantation just outside New Orleans, Louisiana. As a factor in Richmond’s politics as well as the military adjutant for the area, the General is a potent friend – or enemy.

In 1841, Beauregard married Marie Antoinette Laure Villeré (March 22, 1823 – March 21, 1850), the daughter of Jules Villeré, a sugar cane planter in Plaquemines Parish and a member of one of the most prominent French Creole families in southern Louisiana. Marie’s paternal grandfather was Jacques Villeré, the second governor of Louisiana. She was described as having blue eyes and fair skin. The couple had three children: René (1843–), Henri (1845–), and Laure (1850–). Marie died in March 1850, while giving birth to Laure.

Eight years ago, the widower Beauregard married Caroline Deslonde, the daughter of André Deslonde, a sugar cane planter from St. James Parish. Caroline was a sister-in-law of John Slidell, a senator from Louisiana and Confederate diplomat. She suffered an illness under the Union occupation in March 1864, but did not perish. Their first child together, Leroy, is nine.

Recent events in the campaign have brought the posse to the General’s attention, for J. T. “Young Jake” Callahan, aka ‘Tex’ called upon M. Beauregard intending to purchase horses from the general’s storied stables as the Ranger felt a fellow soldier would give him an honest price. His hunch was a good one, for they practically gave the lawman a Clydesdale of quality (to replace lost, lamented Bill) for the astonishing price of $250.

The Beauregard clan did far more than that, though. The Beauregard family sponsored the entry of both Clara and Beauregard du Chanticlear “Beau Chance” to the Baton Rouge One Million Davis Poker Tourney!

P. G. T. Beauregard

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