Wicked- Logan Wicked Nottingham

An irish gunslinger


I was born a twin – the first born. Our mother died giving birth to my sister and me.
My sister and were closer than anything. On our 13 birthday, I gave my sister a charm that was half of a four leaf clover. Her half of the clover had a T on it and my half had a W.

At the age of 16 my sister fell in with the wrong crowd and started dating a guy I didn’t like – his name was Quinn Sweeney. One night, my sister came home terrified and we got into a huge fight. The next morning she was gone, and the only thing she left behind was the charm that I had given to her 3 years earlier.

I went to our father and told him she was gone, and I had no idea where she was. However, I had a gut feeling it was to the western part of North America. My father said that if I insisted on going, he had something to tell me and a few things to teach me before I left. It turned out our father was actually from North America, was unfortunately very well known, and had chosen to go into hiding here in Ireland.

Our father was a hex slinger – he wanted to teach me everything he knew. He warned me it would take a while to teach. Over the next couple of years, he taught me as much as he knew. When he finished his teaching, dad gave me his spell book, but said I was going to have to get my own guns. That week, I went out and bought a set of guns and other necessities for my trip.

When I came home I found Quinn standing over my father’s body. There was a knife sticking out of my father’s back. Filled with rage, I ran at Quinn but he got away. With no family left to restrain me, I started packing my things to leave on my journey to find my sister. However, when I started to smell smoke, I realized the house was on fire! I barely made it out of the house alive, and ran towards the docks.

I was almost there when I was picked up by the local police. They claimed I killed my father and set the house ablaze. I swore I didn’t do it, and that Quinn Sweeney was to blame. The police said that I shouldn’t say things like that about the Sweeney family.

I managed to escape custody by knocking the guards out and locking them in my cell. With all of my things in tow, I ran for the docks. Now, I was on the run too. I knew it was only a matter of time before the police or the Sweeney family would be after me.I managed to sneak aboard a ship headed for the United States.

When I arrived in New York City, I began my search for my sister. For the next year, I searched each town, village and shanty I could find, with no luck and wound up in Gettysburg, PA on July 4, 1863.

From there I headed West.

Wicked- Logan Wicked Nottingham

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